A positive or negative first impression makes all the difference when you’re showing your home, so make note of these tips to help you create the best initial reaction possible potential homebuyers.

  • Show your home in its best light. Dark rooms strike the eye as being smaller than they really are, so maximize natural light in your home by throwing open all your window coverings during the day. Also, make sure all your light fixtures are turned on, and consider (temporarily) switching out low-watt bulbs for some with higher wattage, to brighten rooms even.
  • Tone it down. Bold colors are difficult for the buyers to see past and busy patterns are visually distracting, so tone down and neutralize: repaint those loud walls, tear up that busy carpet and tear down that dizzying wallpaper.
  • Kick clutter to the curb. Like darkness, clutter tricks the eye into thinking spaces are smaller than they are, and like loud colors and busy patterns, it’s distracting and hard to see past – not to mention it can cause buyers to wonder what else is being neglected in the home.
  • Create the illusion of more space. Open up your closets and have a look. Now remove half of their contents. Does the closets look bigger to you? They will to buyers, as well. Another easy trick to visually open up spaces is to strategically place mirrors in small areas like foyers, hallways and anywhere they’ll reflect natural light.
  • Consider suggestions from your real estate sales representative, who has the experience of seeing what works in today’s marketplace!
  • Please call today for some simple ways to make your home turn more heads as the spring real estate season heats up!

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